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I hope you will enjoy viewing some of my paintings and drawings. You can see snapshots (cropped pictures) of a selection of my artworks in the various galleries; I'm in the process of uploading full pictures – and I hope that soon, when you click or tap on a snapshot, you'll be able to see a full picture of that artwork and read the story behind it. (You can only do that with some of the snapshots for now, but I will make progress, I promise!)

In the meantime, you can find out where to view some of my art in person here.

If you have kids in your life or are just in need of a smile, please do also pay a visit to Stories for My Little Sister at

It's the website I created with my sister, Samantha, where we publish our original stories for children (all free of charge!).

Please do come back soon to view even more art.

Thanks for visiting.